Stumvoll Consulting

Personal Transformation

We were not created to just survive. Surviving our job, marriage, family, and relationships is a purposeless and uninspiring way to live. We were meant to thrive. Life is meant to be a risky adventure. It’s filled with its share of ups and downs, losses and victories. For many, fear and avoidance is their driving force as they survive life.

All personal transformation begins with a willingness to face the fear driving our life as we accept that we are divinely created in and through love. At the core of all personal transformation is love and acceptance for the person in the mirror. Only when we are willing to look honestly at our fears and limiting beliefs will we have the chance to find the hope and courage to conquer them.


All personal transformation begins with a willingness to face the fear driving our life as we accept that we are divinely created in and through love.

I spent over a decade of digging through my fears and insecurities. I uprooted and resolved the pain driving my life only to find that the key to all of my healing was in redefining love and learning how to apply it to my life. This personal journey is the foundation I use to springboard others into a life of joy, freedom, and meaning.

Core keys to personal transformation:

Discover a demand for change.

Have a willingness to stop all the busyness.

Become brutally honest with yourself.

Surrender what you think you know.

Become willing to risk no matter the cost.

Learn to trust.

Become open to feedback.

Build a lifestyle of vulnerability.

Face your pain.

Forgive others and the person in the mirror.

Redefine love.

Become an excellent receiver of love.

Executive Business Transformation


The success of a business is built primarily on five pillars; strategy, teamwork, relationships, hard work, and belief. Of these five pillars for success, belief is the nucleus.

Unfortunately, for many companies, and organizations, the mental and emotional well being that perpetuated the success of the founders is not taken into consideration as the key to the longevity of the company.

I specialize in bringing order to chaos through identifying the belief systems that are driving your organization. I will assist your team in re-sculpting their thinking in order to better partner with the success your company desires.

Communication Dynamics


When asked, “What is the biggest cause of problems in personal relationships and the workplace?” I always answer communication, it’s an inescapable part of the human experience.

Unfortunately, people rarely take the time to develop a healthy, clear communication style. The energy wasted through this poor communication is robbed from the greater goals of life. The result is missed opportunities, failed friendships, failed marriages, and lost business connections, just to name a few.

One of my key areas of expertise is helping people with understanding the communication breakdowns that they’re experiencing and bringing clarity to their communication, restoring lost time, energy, and relationships.