Embracing the Creator’s Design

Embracing the Creator’s Design

My wife was recently a guest speaker at a woman’s conference, I had the pleasure of attending and supporting her. During one of the sessions I jotted the following down and shared it with the women. It’s an illustration to better understand God’s heart towards creation and often times our response to God.

Once upon a time there was a famous sculptor. His works were known all over the world. He made the most unique and beautiful pieces of sculpture. Not one was ever alike. In fact what made the sculptor so unique is that all his pieces were unrefined and unpolished. Majestically imperfect the critics would say.

Each piece that he sculpted he threw all of himself into.

All of his passion, all of his love, all of his hope, all of his life.

He toiled and labored with great pleasure not limiting himself in any of the dreams that he had for his work.

After spending much time on his most extravagant piece the day came for the unveiling.

The heavens and the earth gathered together waiting intently for the moment. For every piece he had ever created was a miracle.

As the curtain dropped the sculpture was revealed and everyone stared in awe. Everyone, except one woman.

This woman approached the artist, looked him in the eyes, and said,

“Sir I deeply respect you and honor you, you are the greatest artist the world has ever known, but this most recent work I only love because you made it. It’s filled with so many flaws it’s almost hard to look at.┬áIn fact, if it wasn’t made by you, I would have no value for it at all. However, I want you to know that because I love you I will except it.”

The sculptor grew very sad. He found himself not feeling loved at all. He looked in the woman’s eyes and asked in a very downtrodden voice,

“What is it that is wrong with what I made?”

The woman responded,

“It’s proportions are all wrong, there are dents and scratches everywhere. Its misshapen and I don’t think it has any purpose. It just exists. I can’t see any purposeful function that it can perform. In many ways it seems to be a waste of time and effort.”

The sculptor looked into the woman’s eyes and said, “All of my work is like this. I didn’t sculpt it to perform any functions. What makes it so unique are all the misshapen proportions and the dents and scratches. I created this for the joy of it. In fact when I made this I had you in mind.”

The woman stood in shock, with anger in her voice she asked, “Is this really how you see me? Do you really see me as ugly and purposeless?”

With sadness in his voice The sculptor responded,

“Is this really how you see my work? Is this really how you see yourself? While the rest of the heavens and the earth are celebrating what I’ve created, seeing the unique beauty in it you only see ugliness, purposelessness, flaws and brokenness. I don’t feel more loved by you choosing to love this because I made it. If you truly love me you will truly find the beauty in what I created.”

With that he wrapped the woman in his arms and cried longing that one day she would see the beauty of his efforts.


-Justin Stumvoll

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