I am a childlike dreamer who discovered his freedom to be happy and fully alive on the other side of a daunting gate built from finely woven fears. I’m a man of imagination who found his life and creativity through a beautiful and painful journey of self-exploration.

I’m a risk taker who’s willing to face his greatest fears no matter the cost. I’m a lover of people and an encourager of their hearts. I’m imperfect and flawed in many ways, yet I’ve made peace with these imperfections and found a love for the man behind them.

I dream of seeing men be men, that they might become liberators of women and children. I long to see men become the fathers they didn’t have and leaders they always needed.

I’ve set out on a journey to live so fully alive and in love with who I was created to be, that I might be able to inspire the world around me to find love and awe for the person in their mirror.

I am a man whose highest dream is to redefine love in practical and empowering ways. My hope is that this love would restore and redeem marriages, families, and all the broken hearted.